Why You Need an MTB Power Meter


Getting faster in MTB shouldn’t be left to guesswork. Power meters have revolutionized training in road cycling, and have led to new levels of performance for all the riders using them. I got my first power meter in 2008, and first MTB power meter in 2011. At the time I was told that the data was too messy to be used on trails, but we’ve come a long way. It was only after I looked through my data that I started to understand who I was as a racer and what I needed to do to improve.


Who is this course for?


Riders at every level are using power meters to get faster. Early adopters are leading the pack. Power meters take up virtually no space, have almost no weight penalty, and record directly to your GPS without much thought. This course is for:

  • Downhill riders looking to understand their riding and gain seconds
  • XC racers looking to increase their FTP
  • Trail riders aiming to win the weeknight group ride
  • Enduro racers who want to race fast in every stage
  • MTB coaches who want to communicate in plain language


This course goes beyond just power - we discuss the important MTB science, braking, training by heart rate and pace, and so much more!


What’s in the course? 


Module 1: Fundamentals of Power

We break down what power is and how it’s measured so you can comp