Why You Need a Running Power Meter


Spending $200 on a piece of kit that isn’t shoes and isn’t a watch is an outrageous proposition to any runner. In fact, I recall being ridiculed for buying a GPS watch (Garmin 405) in 2010! Over the last decade, runners have accepted GPS devices and understood their true value - uploading to Strava and proving every race they do is a few hundred meters/yards long.


Joking aside, GPS and subsequently heart rate monitors have found their way onto the wrists of almost all runners and most, if not all, coaches have an understanding of how to effectively use both pace and heart rate to create faster runners. However, there are shortfalls associated with both pace and heart rate, and that is why power has been introduced to the running the marketplace.


Who is this course for?


  • Runners with an interest in monitoring their training beyond a simple weekly distance tally. This course isn’t purely running power, we also talk about how pace and heart rate work together with running power to give the best picture of your training.

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