1| Cross-Training for Endurance Sports

Will O'Connor 0:00

Welcome to the first official episode of the performance advantage podcast with myself. Dr. Will O'Connor and Dr. Matthew Miller from MTB, PhD. Matthew, how are you doing?

Dr. Matt Miller 0:15

Thanks for having me.

Will O'Connor 0:18

And Mike Leishman, aka Kevin, has asked us about cross training.

Dr. Matt Miller 0:27

Ah, see. First episode, first shout out.

Will O'Connor 0:30


Dr. Matt Miller 0:31

Normally you built into the shout outs.

Will O'Connor 0:33

Yeah. Well, I guess we've sort of had a lead in from some of our previous stuff: cross training. I think this is gonna be a debate, to be honest.

Dr. Matt Miller 0:51


Will O'Connor 0:49

Well, I mean, when we talk about you know what.

Dr Matt Miller 0:51

Your intellect.

Will O'Connor 0:54

Yeah, okay.

Dr. Matt Miller 0:55

Okay. Well, maybe what we'll need to do is like, go over there and change your mind. You know how I mean.

Will O'Connor 1:04

No, I don't like the gym.

Dr. Matt Miller 1:06