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Modules Include:

​Using Sports Science to Train More Effectively:

  1. The Fundamentals of Aerobic Development: How Easy Training Makes You Faster

  2. Polarized Training: Easy Means Easy and Hard Means Hard

  3. Analyzing Your Training with Training Peaks

  4. Getting the Most out of Your Device: Training with HR and Power

  5. Periodization: How to Structure a Season

  6. Putting it All Together: Writing Your Own Training Plan in Training Peaks


Fundamentals of Using a Power Meter

  1. Fundamentals of Power - What Is It?​​​​

  2. Getting Started With Your Power Meter

  3. Analyzing Performance and Implementing Change



More Than Just a Course


Not only will you have engaging modules delivered by industry-leading professionals, but you’ll also get access to some of our most popular workouts, training plans, and unpublished work. You get lifetime access to on-demand resources. Interactive quizzes and videos ensure you are getting all the info you need. Each course you finish will earn you a graduation certificate worth CEUs!

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Your Presenters:

Dr Will O'Connor

Dr Will is an elite ultramarathon runner and professional coach. He brings across his expert knowledge in ketogenic performance nutrition, elite triathlon experience and is a TrainingPeaks Coach Educator.

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Dr Matt Miller

Dr Matt is the world leader in MTB research and inventor of the BrakeAce sensor and analysis software. He has a lifetime of MTB racing experience, including UCI XC and EWS, and works with rad riders around the world.

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