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Dr Matt Miller and Dr Will O'Connor


Learn sports science principles in an easy and understandable way so that you can apply the information yourself. Equip yourself with the resources necessary to be an effective athlete or coach.

With our eLearning courses, we teach you the sports science you need to know. Our presentation is dynamic, with a mixture of conversation, anecdotes, and the nitty gritty - just like our podcast.

Complete these courses on your own time, as many time as you want. Once you're finished, we'll send you your own completion certificate.


Multiple modules break up the content into digestible segments for easy undertsanding


Resources are on-demand and you can access them at any time, anywhere


Course access is lifetime, and can go back to reinforce your knowledge

Who is it for?


Self-coached athletes. Curious athletes. Coaches. Students

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Dr Will O'Connor

Dr Will is an elite ultramarathon runner and professional coach. He brings across his expert knowledge in ketogenic performance nutrition, elite triathlon experience and is a TrainingPeaks Coach Educator.

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Dr Matt Miller

Dr Matt is the world leader in MTB research and inventor of the BrakeAce sensor and analysis software. He has a lifetime of MTB racing experience, including UCI XC and EWS, and works with rad riders around the world.

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